Tony Prince
Tony Prince is Academic Director for Tertiary Education at NILE. His experience in providing academic support has included developing a content integrated Presessional programme for students at the University of East Anglia, as well as Departmental Insessional support across the University. This work has involved liaison with a wide variety of disciplines including Environmental and Biological sciences, Law, Economics, Business, Development and Computer studies as well as work with those in Education, Politics and Media. The development of these programmes has lead to Tony being involved in a variety of international consultancy projects, including courses, workshops and presentations.

Tony has spent the last 20 years involved in the management of English language courses, running a language school in Oxford before moving to Norwich and UEA. Tony is lead tutor on the Teaching English for Academic Purposes module of the NILE MAPDLE. Tony spends a good deal of his time in work and out exploring the opportunities of different App ecosystems, Virtual learning Environments and Online provisions.
14:50 – 15:40
Critical Thinking about 'Critical Thinking'
This talk will explore some of the myths and misunderstandings behind Critical thinking, exploring what it is (and isn’t), how it can be taught (and can’t), what we should expect from students (and shouldn’t) when working with critical thinking. This talk will reference the theory behind critical thinking but focus on the practical application of it in class by teachers and students.

Three takeaways

Participant will:
get some insights into the theory behind critical thinking
discover ways of applying this theory in class
examine how critical thinking can (and can’t) be taught