Register as a speaker

We are welcoming applications from all those who want to attend the conference as a speaker. You can join the conference with a 60-minute workshop or a 30-minute talk. The workshop needs to be practical and have some time when the audience is involved and is participating actively. If you're applying with a talk, please make sure the topic will be interesting for a wider audience (teachers working in various contexts, trainers, managers).

Please note that we will not be able to accept all applications, so please provide us with as much information about your talk as you can so that we could choose wisely. We will be choosing talks and workshops to make sure that we have a variety of topics, both ELT and related fields.
1.Session format
Choose an option from the list below.
2. Session title
Make sure it summarizes what the session is about and grabs attention
3. Abstract, max 100 words
This is to help conference participants understand what your session will be about and decide whether they want to attend it
4. Who would benefit from attending your session?
Choose as many options as you like, be specific here — this will help the audience decide if your session is for them
5. What are the 3 takeaways from your session?
1) get an overview of what emotional intelligence is ... 2) assess their own emotional intelligence ... 3) get three tools which help promote emotional intelligence in the classroom ...
6. Your full name
7. Your e-mail
8. You job title
9. Name of the company you are working for
10. Company website
11. Company facebook page / instagram
12. Your short bio
13. Links to facebook / instagram / any other social media you would like to share
This is so we can tag you on facebook and provide links to your social media so that people can find and friend you
14. A fact about you for find someone who
We will be doing a find someone who activity during the conference, so please provide us with fun fact about you. Make sure this is something thats not very trivial
15. Are you presenting with someone?
16. Full name of the person you are presenting with
17. Do you have any dietary requirements (vegetarian, no lactose etc.)
This is so that we can plan the coffee breaks and make sure theres something for you
18. What will you need for your session?
19. Any other information?
Anything else would like to share or ask – please write it here