Olena Koshovska
Grade Education Centre
Olena has always considered English an important part of her life. In 2001 as one of the participants of Community Connections programme for young enterpreneurs had a five-week internship in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

In 2004 she graduated from Dragomanov Pedagogical University, Dipolma with Honours in teaching English language and literature. Obtained CELTA qualification in 2007, and then Delta Modules 1 and 2 in 2012 in IH Seville, Spain. Olena has conducted a number of teacher training sessions on various topics. To widen horisons in principles of education, teaching and teacher training had an interesting and useful one-month internship at HAMK (University of Applied Sciences) in Finland in 2017.

Olena is currently working with adult learners of different levels teaching General English, Business English and FCE preparation.
13:00 — 13:50
Drilling: never get bored!
How often and how long should we drill at a lesson? What should be drilled? If you get someone to repeat something often enough, they’ll usually get it right in the end. The primary value of drilling techniques lies in the opportunity they provide to draw students' attention to elements of the language. They also offer a non-threatening chance for students to get their tongues round the sounds and rhythms of a foreign language, and to hear themselves saying something. So long as the purpose of drilling is clear in our minds, it can also be helpful to our students. The techniques offered in this session are practical and helpful in any teaching context for any target language. Come and see for yourself!

Three takeaways

Participants will:
get the overview of drilling techniques
be able to practice some of them during the session
get the simple and efficient tools which help improve students' pronunciation