Maryna Myronyuk
International Language Centre
Maryna has been in ELT for 13 years. She has taught students of different ages and levels in absolutely various contexts: from kindergarten to corporate business classes. She also devoted 10 years to teaching in the state school. Maryna completed Cambridge DELTA Module 2, CELTA, and British Council courses in teaching primary students (Primary Essentials) and secondary school students (CiSELT Proficient). Since 2017 Maryna has been running teacher training courses and seminars.
17:00 — 17:30
L1 in an English classroom: forbidden or welcomed?
We all sometimes use L1 in our classrooms: to tell off a naughty student, to give complicated instructions, or even to traslate a word. However, it almost never feels right. As though we reveal our weakness.

What if use L1 in a principled way? Will our learners really benefit? Will it help them finally see how different the two languages are, and that translation in fact does not always work? Let’s find out.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
learn when L1 usage is appropriate
learn how L1 can be used for learning purposes
get practical ideas on how to use L1