Lilia Kardenas
Lilia is a combination of an English teacher and psychotherapist who specialises in teaching real English through integrating mindfulness, emotional work, intuitive learning and self-discovery techniques within the context of bespoke conversational lessons. She has been teaching English for 12 years (I'm 28 now, started when I was 16). Got a major in teaching English and translation. CELTA-qualified. A self-development junkie.
17:00 — 17:30
Bridging Psychology and English Teaching
In an atmosphere conducive to learning, we will look at Speaking activities that will help your students explore their emotional wellbeing, discover and celebrate their life purpose and tap into their creative potential.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
learn 5+ psychology-based Speaking activities that require little-to-no preparation and are easily adjustable to any level and class;
practice creating connection within the group;
understand their own emotions and desires a tiny bit better.