Katherine Martinkevych
British Council Kyiv
Katherine Martinkevich is an academic manager at the British Council Ukraine. She has been teaching English for more than 23 years, and training and supporting other teachers for at least half of that time. She has spoken at multiple international conferences in the UK, Ukraine and other countries; her main interests include continuous professional development, soft/professional skills and educational psychology. She is currently pursuing her second Master's degree with the Norwich Institute for Language Education.
17:40 – 18:30
Wizard's First Rule: what works and what doesn't in teacher training sessions
This talk focuses on do’s and don’ts for an effective input session and can be useful both for beginner trainers and for academic managers who support them. There will be a critical analysis of principles of andragogy and loop input, opinions of ELT luminaries, as well as stories from my own and other colleagues' training and mentoring experience.

Three takeaways

When preparing a training session, consider:
The balance between modelling what you want the participants to learn and treating them as adult professionals
The balance between experiential learning and information density
The balance between practical tips and foundation principles