Kate Ohbaidze
Kate is a Language School Manager at Cross Cultural Communication Center in SoftServe, a leading IT company in Ukraine. She has over 10-year extensive experience of teaching and teacher training in line with taking exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TKT, BEC, CPE. She had a chance to teach English to school kids in the US, research education trends in Australia as well as take two courses from Lexical Lab in London.

This lucky exposure has always challenged her to do more and achieve more by coming up with bespoke learning solutions. She particularly specializes in English for business needs, cultural differences, blended approach, presentation skills and language coaching. For her numerous contributions and leadership skills she was voted top employee of 2018 in SoftServe.

Kate has delivered speeches and presentations to audiences at SOVa Conference, IATEFL Wroclaw, GEIST in Bangladesh and many others. She is a passionate Toastmasters member, keen badminton player and a good laugh.
15:50 — 16:20
Transform your teaching into coaching
This is an event for those who are ready to look beyond the framework of traditional language teaching by creating collaborative process to help students focus on the present and develop strategic learning actions to be applied immediately.

The 21st century world challenges us with overwhelming flow of information, much-needed sense of achievement and a requirement to get results fast. So this begs the question — how can we approach language teaching with the student, not the book or curriculum in mind?

The purpose of this session is to demonstrate how teaching can be simply turned into helpful coaching method with easy-to-use tools. The participants will get a brief overview of language coaching principles to keep students engaged, motivated, valued and committed.

Finally everyone will leave the session with insightful takeaways on how to keep learners on target and on track.

Three takeaways

Participants will
be introduced to the notion of "ownership" over language learning;
learn to create a productive learning environment learn to ask the right questions for students who feel stuck.