Helen Taranenko
Grade Education Centre
Helen has been teaching English in different contexts since 1999 in Ukraine and abroad. She has been preparing students for international exams for more than 10 years. She has taught a number of international teacher training courses including CELTA, CELT-S and CAM (pre-DELTA course).

Helen has successfully taught a number of CELTA courses together and make a great team.
17:40 — 18:30
Speaking vs Language or Speaking + Language?
Have you ever had an impression your students speaking is not improving? Do your students feel they are not making progress in speaking? Do you feel disappointed that all the sophisticated phrases you have taught your learners are present on their handouts but not in their speech? Come to our session where we will try out some techniques which will help your students become more advanced speakers.

Three takeaways

When preparing a training session, consider:
practice activities helping learners implement functional language and discourse markers in their speaking
consider the importance of the communicative purpose while designing speaking tasks
get the tolls which can help teachers make speaking activities more engaging