Daryna Luhovska
Grade Education Centre
Daryna Luhovska is a Teacher Trainer and Teacher of English with 8 years of teaching experience. She is a regular presenter at Ukrainian and International ELT Conferences. Daryna holds a Bachelor Degree in English language, literature and translation; CELTA; Delta; TKT; IHCYLT and LCCI FTBE (Certificate in teaching business English). She works for Grade Education Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. She believes that teaching is a creative process and whatever is learnt with pleasure will never be forgotten.
17:40 — 18:30
"To Stir or To Settle, That is the Question."
If you have ever taught young learners, you definitely know how loud and uncontrolled the classroom can get. Kids have a lot of energy and knowing how to channel this energy and make kids stop misbehaving is a real challenge.

Many teachers have already drawn a conclusion that knowing when to 'stir' and when to 'settle' the little people in class will help achieve balanced lessons, avoid boredom and make learning more productive as well as fun. In this demo lesson you will observe a group of kids experiencing a variety of 'stir' and 'settle' activities.

All the activities will be explained in detail for you to be able to use in class starting from Monday.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
understand the difference and importance of 'stir' and 'settle' activities and how to use them in class;
have a bank of 'stir' and 'settle' activities that they will be able to use straightaway in their lessons with young learners;
be better able to understand how to manage a young learner classroom well to make sure that kids behave well but at the same time find the lesson enjoyable.