Chris Reese
CELTA / CELT-S Trainer, Grade Education Centre
Chris Reese is an experienced, Delta-qualified teacher and teacher trainer who currently works as a teacher trainer at Grade Education Centre, Kyiv, where he trains teachers on CELTA and CELT-S/P courses.

He is also an active presenter in conferences in both Ukraine and internationally, having most recently presented in Czechia. He is also a co-author of Exam Booster! ZNO.

Currently, his interests lie in how to make our students' learning more transparent and involve them more in the learning and assessment processes, and in how to motivate learners to achieve more.
11:30 — 12:20
Building Projects that Work
In recent years, there has been a strong push away from "traditional" chalk-and-talk methods of teaching, and towards a more learner-centered approach — one way that this has manifested in recent years is in the rise of project-based learning.

However, many teachers I speak to seem to have several questions and concerns about setting projects — such as "How do I set up the projects?", "How do I make sure everyone is participating?", "How do I make sure the students are actually learning something?", or, most critically: "How do I make projects work?"

In this session, participants will be looking at the key features that all projects have in common, and will leave the session with a better understanding of how to successfully run effective, challenging, engaging projects in their classrooms — and they'll also be doing a little project of their own.

Three takeaways

Participants will learn:
How to set up and manage projects
How to maximize learner participation — and learning!
How to provide fair, balanced assessment