Anna Shovkaliuk
Grade Education Centre
Anna Shovkaliuk is a teacher, conference speaker, and business development manager at Grade Education Center. She has worked with teachers all around Ukraine and abroad, providing training, presentations, class observations as well as one-to-one sessions. Anna has been teaching General and Business English for 13 years, holds CELTA and DELTA qualifications, has experience in material writing, editing, project and people management.
11:30 — 12:20
Can we measure success?
If we truly value something, we measure it. When we think about successful students (or teachers), we don’t necessarily look at test scores as the primary indicator of success (or do we?). However, measuring success is important and it’s not only about grades, attendance rates or office referrals. At the session we’re going to look at how, when and where student success can be measured in and outside of the classroom.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
find out ways of measuring student success in the classroom.
receive practical tools for formal and informal assessment of learners in the classroom.
be able to use a range of techniques to demonstrate students their success in different learning contexts.