Alona Trigub
Grade Education Centre
Alona has worked in ELT since 2009. She has taught English in a variety of contexts: General English, Exam English, English for Specific Purposes (Business English, Legal English, Aviation English). Over the course of her English teaching career, she has done CELTA, Delta (Module 1), and her MA in Teaching and Translation. Alona currently works at Grade Education Centre as a teacher, in-house teacher trainer, Director of Studies, and a Cambridge speaking examiner.

Alona has also been attending and presenting at conferences in Ukraine. She enjoys working with innovative, thought-provoking materials and presenting on a wide range of ELT and management-related topics.
15:50 — 16:20
Managing time. Managing self
Always being over-responsible and dedicated to my work I suffered a lot from not being able to efficiently plan my preparation hours when I was a teacher. Then when I became a DOS (in addition to full-time teaching) I felt desperate. I had no life, but work. My family lost me completely. I had no choice but to apply my determination to learn time-management. In my talk I will share my experience to help those who do not know how to stop burning the candle on both ends.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
look at practical tips on time-management;
share experiences in efficient planning;
find solutions to typical problems that most people who work in ELT face