Oleksandr Zayoma
Oleksandr Zayoma is a public speaking coach and a speechwriter with 13 years of experience in education and 15 years in public speaking.

He has been running trainings, workshops and courses on a regular basis for the past 9 years and has won numerous reciter contests. He speaks Ukrainian, English and Russian fluently and holds his training sessions in those three languages.

In the past used to host various corporate events and parties, and currently he works with the leading international and Ukrainian companies (Microsoft, PWC, Red Bull, Vodafone, MacPaw, Readdle, JTI, Credit Agricole Bank and others).
11:30 — 12:20
How soft skills help handle hard tasks
I believe you will agree with the fact that communication and presentation skills in today’s world determine our professionalism.

Achieving goals in business meetings, negotiations, presentations as well as career growth are to a great extent the outcomes of mastering these skills. It is much easier to build trust, persuade and create an appropriate impression of oneself and one’s company if you are a good communicator and speaker.
I see effective communication as an ability to select and combine content and delivery. It pretty much resembles cooking: so that to have a delicious dish, ingredients and the recipe are equally important. In other words I suggest we care about what we speak as well as how we do that.

There is no doubt that competence, confidence and culture first of all reveal themselves in how a person behaves. They are seen in persuasive gestures, well-handled mimics, clear and emphatic speech. All these things 'enhance the taste' of the content.

Join the session to become a better cook in the kitchen of communication.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
Get to know how to build trust in them and what they sayHow to set up and manage projects
Learn how to make communication enjoyable both for them and their audience
Find out how to behave so that the audience remains involved and grateful