Irene Sushko
Irene has have 10+ years of experience in ELT, teaching General English and Business English to children and adults. I have a TESOL Certificate and First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE). She holds an M.A. Degree in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University, USA. She has worked in Ukraine and abroad as a teacher and a teacher trainer. Lately, she has been focusing on teaching Business English and Soft Skills to IT professionals. Her areas of interest include but not limited to teaching Business English, Soft Skills, and cross-cultural communication.
17:00 — 17:30
The power of habit (or what distinguishes successful language learners from their peers)
Successful language learners — who are they? What is it that makes some students into fluent and confident users of English while others are struggling to wrap their heads around it?

In my talk I am going to argue that while dedication, effort, and motivation are all very important, it is our learning habits that help us become successful language learners and achieve our learning goals. Moreover, together we will link good learning habits to learner autonomy.

Finally, I will share some practical tips how to plant good learning habits in our students and help them grow into autonomous learners.

Three takeaways

will be able to define 'a good learning habit' and become aware of some examples of language learning habits;
will be able to describe an autonomous learner and bridge learner autonomy and learning habits;
will get some practical tips how to plant good learning habits in their students and promote learner autonomy.