Inna Nestoiter
Macmillan Education Ukraine
Inna has a 20-year English teaching experience for school years 1-11. She is a teacher-methodologist, teacher trainer and has 15-year experience as a deputy head teacher as wells as 10-year experience as a senior ZNO examiner. Since 2015 Inna has been conducting trainings and workshops of Macmillan Publishers LTD (The UK). Her favourite age group to teach is teenagers.
17:40 — 18:30
Bringing life skills to life!
The basic concept of teaching Life Skills is simple — that our responsibility as educators is not only to help our students to learn English but also to prepare them for the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

This talk will look at why the teaching of Life Skills is so important for teenagers, which Life Skills our students really need in the 21st Century, and, arguably the most important question and the one that concerns teachers the most, how we can actually incorporate the teaching of Life Skills into our day-to-day classes. To this end, the talk will include a variety of practical activities, approaches and teaching materials.

Three takeaways

Participants will:
get a clear idea of why and how teach life skills to teens
get an algorithm of incorporating he teaching of Life Skills into our day-to-day classes
get practical examples of life skills lessons